Friday, August 21, 2009

Of all the pastimes,it has been generally allowed by all who have had least insight into the game, that Chess is the most noble, as well as most fascinating. Kings and warriors have studied it, the former to establish laws, and the latter to plan engagements in the field; the mathmatician has diligently examined its positions, to discover the solution of problems; and writers on education have concurred in recommending the cultivation of this pleasing exercise of the mind: at the same time, many are deterred from acquiring a knowledge of the game, owing to a false idea that it requires so mathmatical a genius as to be suitable only for a Newton or a Euclid. In oreder to remove this false impression, we offer to the learners of this pleasing amusment an insight into the nature of the game of Chess.

-Royal Game of Chess, W.S. Kenny 1818-

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